The City of Cordoba

Our final step in our travel through this wonderful place called Cordoba has for destiny the capital of the province, called, in a big movement of inspiration “Ciudad de Córdoba”. This city was funded in the year 1573, and it’s the second biggest city of the country, making it a center of culture, education, economy and entertainment. It was also a big part of the history of Argentina: two times this city was nominated as a temporal capital of the country.

From the beginning of their foundation the city was influenced for a lot of christian religious orders, and this can be seen in the architectonic style of the most old residential buildings and in all of the churches. The city its home of the so many beautiful churches, from the imposing and magnify Cathedral of Cordoba, to the humble Jesuit buildings, all of them made in a specific architectonic style. I really recommend visit the most of them you can, if not for a religious purpose, for a historical one.

If you are not in mood to walk, you can take one of many touristic busses who travel to all of the highlights of the city, they are a literal copy of the red british busses and are relatively cheap. And if you have kids, the city also has something to the little demons: i am talking about “Superpark”, a park full of mechanical rides like roller coasters and other mechanical inducers of dizziness.

To the rest of us, i cannot stop recommending the “Paseo de las Artes”. Its a street fair full of art, and antiquities, very similar to the one i talked in the first post about Buenos Aires. It worth it, even just for the joy of watch the art deco buildings and the street performances.

There’s also museums of art, restaurants serving autochthonous food, and theaters in where you can watch a thetral or musical show.

It’s really a city full of history and things to enjoy, and it was the perfect closing to this travel; Cordoba its really a magic place that you need to know.

Thanks for travel whit me.

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