A city called “Villa Carlos Paz”

Our trip it’s almost over, but not one can say that they know “Cordoba” without traveling to the popular city of “Villa Carlos Paz”. This city is located in the northwest of the province and it’s different to the ones we traveled before; it’s ideal if you are traveling along the younger members of the family, or even if you are a little tired of the alternative tourism concept of “sleeping in a carp and walking kilometers in middle of nothing”.

For the little kids, this city have many recreative complexs, full of games like go karts, “haunted houses”, labyrinths and even a zoo; there’s also are public pools, ideals to spend the day. And you totally must visit the “Montaña Magica”, a rollercoaster that literally goes over the hills of the surrounding mountains.

For the adults, Villa Carlos Paz offers a lot of shows in their popular theatres, in where they show the most famous plays of the country; the only counterpart is that all of the shows are, as is obvious, in spanish, so it’s recommendable to know the language to understand what they are saying. But there are things who can enjoyed even when the only spanish words you know are “Hola” and “por favor”: You can take the “Camino de las Cien Curvas” and enjoy the great views of the nature that surround the city (i have the theory that there’s no city in this province who is not surrounded by beautiful landscapes), and then you can go to take a picture of the giant Cuckoo clock, made by germans, that until the date, is the most biggest cuckoo clock of the world. And to end the day, there’s no better plan that travel through the city following the colonial-style lamp posts ubicated in the “old town”.

Maybe this city is not for the people searching for something more extreme or alternative, but it not to be underestimated, and even the more wild of the travelers needs some days of something more “classic”. Indifferently if you are a familiar man or a hitchhiker, Villa Carlos Paz it’s awaiting for your visit.

Thanks for travel with me.

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