Walking between giants in “Los Gigantes”

When you travel to some parts of the world, it’s not unusual find places of a very special nature, those that constantly makes you think that you already saw it all of it, but then they surprises you with something new, something special. The province of Cordoba its one of those sites…  traveling in their roads you will find landscapes that will take your breath, fragments of history that you thoug it was lost, or corners of the world that you would never imagined they are real, because Cordoba it really a blessed place.

My path taked me to a site with the imposing name of “Los Gigantes” or in english, “The Giants”. This is an mountain system full of hills and valleys that give it this place the geography of an enchanted land. With every step, you will find yourself more and more close to the skies, and there you can spot the mighty condors fliying in the blue sky. Or also you can take a path who takes you deep into a valley, and there you will really start to understand why they called it “Los Gigantes”. One can not do other thing more than start to feel vey humble and insignificant in middle of the most oldest mountains of the country.


In the base of the mountain you also can visit a old rural school and a church, both funded in the year 1868 by the franciscan monks; and lost in the landscape you can find old walls and ranches, all made of rocks over more of 100 years ago.

Maybe it’s common sense but i have to advert you that this travel is not made for all kind of people, because implies a LOT of walking and climbing, ah, and its really recommendable to uses a nice pair of boots, not any kind of shoes; don’t be like me who committed the begginers error of using an totally useless pair of sneakers… its cost me the oportunity of climbing onto the most highest peaks.

As i said in the beginning of the post, Cordoba it’s a magic place, full of history and ancient nature, and there are still a lot more to find.

Until the next week.

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