To Capilla del Monte (reupload)

Our adventures in Buenos Aires ended, but there’s still plenty of places to go in Argentina, so keep it up with me to know more about this wonderful country.

The place of this post is a weird one: ubicated in the state of Cordoba there’s a city not only famous for their natural wonders, but also for some more strange things… i am talking about Capilla del Monte.

I am not a believer of aliens and UFOs, but at the same time I found some kind of weird fascination in the idea of “flying sausages”, so when I heard about a city famous for the multitude of sightings of UFOs, I knew immediately that I should visit it.
I’m gonna say it right now: I did not observe any paranormal event in all of the days I was there, but it was a wonderful place that I dont minded, I enjoyed it anyway.

By the way, an recommendation, “Capilla del Monte” is a city with a lot of options to stay during the night but if you don’t mind to sleep inside a sleeping bag, i recommend you to stay in some of the campings; they are beautiful, and also some of them have direct connection with the river, and the most important thing of all: those places are very very cheap, you only need a carp and for some “pesos” per day you can stay.

As i sayed early in the post, Capilla del Monte is famous for all of the ovnis sightings, but if you don’t care about all that thing it’s still a very recommended place to go: you will find yourself in a city surrounded by nature, with places who possessed an enchanted beauty: you can hang out in the river, or even take a trip to the top of the “Uritorco” mount (is there where, in theory, all of the sightings occurs) ubicated over 1949 meters over the sea level.

Even if you can not find any ovni, the wonderfuls of this city will give you the strange sensation that there are more things than the eyes can see…

Thanks for travel with me…

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