Travel to Villa General Belgrano

Some years ago, the city of Buenos Aires gained the nickname of “The Paris of South America” and its true that some parts of them can remember you to the City of Love, but that is not what i came to talk now. So, if Buenos Aires it’s the Paris of this continent, then Villa General Belgrano is the “little germanic rural town of Latin America”. Founded around the year 1932 by german, austrian and swiss immigrants, this city rapidly becomes a fusion of the culture of those three countries with also the original inhabitants of the zone.

The town is dominated for an alpine architecture, with the wood as principal material in the construction of the houses. Clearly the founders missed a lot their origins. Even when the most cynics can think of this town as just a copy, this is not the case; the city gained an authentic identity with time, it was made by people who lived in buildings like the ones you will watch, for people who was part of that history, and during my entire visit i was feeling like if i was also a part that history.

But back to reality, im gonna warn you that this city is not particularly cheap, but that cant stop you of enjoy it. If you like to travel light, i will recommend you to stay no more od three days, but dont worry, that is enough time to enjoy it. In those three days, if you like long walkins, you can take a tour around the city to take photos that can be used to fool your friends that you are in Germany. You also can not miss the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the place, either going into the two rivers or travel to the Municipal Natural Reserve to enjoy a time of calm and peace.

Ah! and if you like drinking beer, Oktoberfest it’s for you: music in every corner, party all the day, and obviously, lots and lots of beer.

Cordoba it’s a weird place, you can go from a city of aliens and magic, to a city of European culture and lots of beer.

Thanks to travel with me.

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