Discovering Buenos Aires – Final Part

In the elegant district of Recoleta you can find beautiful parks like “Plaza Francia” or “Plaza Mitre”, or you can drink and eat in one of their prestigious restaurants from “Avenida Quintana”. But today i will not tell you about those places, instead, in gonna talk about death… or rather, i’m gonna tell you about the “Cementerio de la Recoleta”.

Builded in the year 1822 by the religious order of the “recoletos”, it started as an humble place for the rest of the deceased ones, but in the year 1870, the most wealthy families of the city makes their homes in this district, at cause of the epidemic of yellow fever that was taking place in the south districts, and so, this once humble place for rest becomes the final destination of those powerful families, who start to build grand and elaborated mausoleums.

Traveling in those streets it’s really gives you the sensation to be in a city more than in a cemetery, and one can really get missed in middle of those olds and imposing buildings. Apart of the deceased ones, the cemetery is also habitated by beautiful and high elaborated statues, some with the form of angels of sad eyes, but some of them took the form of the person inside in the tomb; they stand over their marble pedestals like if this is their way to conquer death.

Any fan of the history will love to watch how the style of the mausoleums changed with time: with the old ones looking like gothic cathedrals, ancient roman buildings, or even some art deco; and whit the new ones that adopting a more minimalistic look, without to much decorations or statues. But all of them transmit the solemnity that death have in this country.

As final note, i can’t not forget to mention all of the important and famous people who rest in this place, some of them even known around the world. In this place you can find the tomb of Evita, Jose Hernandez and Adolfo Bioy Casares.

And with this, it’s ended our visit to Buenos Aires, thanks for travel with me.

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