Discovering Buenos Aires – Second Part

Maybe you remember my adventures in the last post, the ones that ended with an deception after tasted the classical argentinian hot drink Mate; so after that literally bitter experience, i ended up talking with the young couple who offered me the drink: they asked me from where i came from, and about my travels, and i asked them about those places that i totally have to visite. One of those places it was not so far from where i was staying, but because it already was a little late, i postponed it to the next day.

It was a sunny sunday, one of those that are ideal for long walks, coroned with a gentle breeze. I waked up early and after some preparations i ended arriving to the Ecological Reserve. To give you an idea, it’s like the wild version of Central Park, but instead of being in middle of the city, its in the margin of the river. The history of the place is very curious: when the people of the city started to build more and more in the margin of the Rio de la Plata, they throw away tons of dervis and dirth into the waters, and after some time, seeds who the wind and the river brought, finded a place in it, and they start to grow, attracting wild animals who make it his new home.

This place is ideal to any fan of the mother nature, to anyone who want to disconnect itself from the chaos of the city, and to anyone who likes to walk and explore. It have four lagoons and a enormous variety of flora, from forest to pastures, full of wild animals from swans to weasels, and even some mysterious bats.

And the best of all, after all of the long walks you always can end the day with a picnic, surrounded by the songs of the birds, and the fly of the butterflies.

That is all for today, there are still a lot of places from Buenos Aires to talk about, but its gonna be the next time.

Thanks as always.


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