Discovering Buenos Aires – First Part.

When one travel to Buenos Aires, it must be sure of being capable to handle the unchained chaos that regin in the city. During the day all of the opportunities shines in front of you, it’s a place in when a lot of different cultures from around the world comes together to form an fusion, to make the soul of a city that can surprise even to those who think they’ve seen it all; and during the night, the journey don’t stop because Buenos Aires it a city who dont sleep: even in middle of the week you will find people walking on the streets, or enjoying the night in bars and clubs.

I was hospeded in one of many hostels that the city have (personal recommendation: hostels are always the right option, not only its more cheaper than a hotel, but in the hostels you can talk with people from around the world, know other travelers like you). Ubicated in the traditional San Telmo, a district famous for their historical buildings, modern bars and clothe stores, antiquity shops and the immortal tango, it was my “home sweet home” for various days. I arrived one friday, so it was big my surprise when i saw that the street that yesterday was empty, today was the host of an artisan street fair, full of artist and civilians and travelers.

You will spend all of the afternoon in the fair, but is an opportunity that you can not miss: you will find artisans of all kind and colors, people who make metal sculptures of a couple dancing the tango, paintings of legends of tango like Carlos Gardel or beautiful jewelry made in silver. You can also find musicians, jugglers, and puppet masters who can give it life to the puppet of an old man; i even found a full group of musicians giving it all playing ska songs in middle of the street.

One of the ends of the fair is over Plaza de Mayo, when you can find the Casa Rosada, the argentine equivalent of the White House. In the other extreme you can find the Parque Lezama, and it was there when i can finally tasted the classic argentinian drink called “mate”. Unfortunately i don’t liked it, it found it very bitte.

Only one day passed, but its feel like many more, so for that, i will talk about the rest of my stay in this beast of city in the next post. Until the next week, and thanks for travel with me

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