Raleigh NC (First Impressions)


Searching for more places to travel I followed the advice of a friend, who told me about Raleigh, the capital city of North Carolina.


After I arrived to the city, the first thing I noticed is that even when it’s one of the biggest cities in the state, it’s very far from the idea of chaos that generally one always associates with high dense populated centers; There is almost no traffic, so it’s ideal to go by car, but you also have the option to use the public transportation, and even the bicycle-only lanes if you don’t mind to sweat a little.

One of the things to highlight about Raleigh is the abundance of culture and historical sites: classical music and high arts constitute the face of a city who really appreciates their culture heritage; Raleigh it’s not only home to the North Carolina Symphony and the Carolina Ballet, it also has plenty of prestigious museums and theaters, like my favorite one, the “Theater in the Park”; which is a personal recommendation from me.

I really recommend traveling around Downtown, because it’s a trip that traverses history, culture and art itself! And surely there’s a show, a performance or an art exposition capable to satiate the hunger for culture of anyone; and after that you can head to the North Hills Shopping, Midtown, and enjoy a little of the “good´n old” spending of money.

You can also take a bicycle and travel under the shadow of the hundreds of oaks trees that give the city its nickname: “The City of Oaks”.

Or even more, you can try to get lost in their streets and find the places and people that I missed.

I really hope that you enjoy the city even more that I enjoyed it.

Thank you for welcoming me, Raleigh!

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