[First Impressions] Austin, Texas

I came to Austin to meet with a good old friend of mine I met online and her roommate. They’re pretty great people. So, since I’ve been having an amazing time, let me tell you some about Austin.


Austin is hot. It’s part of Texas, so naturally it sort of is implied it is! 90-97 F is just normal for this city, with sunny, cloudless weather all week long. I’ve been here for about a month and I’ve only seen rain a handful of times, not to say about 3.

Capitol with Skyline

Austin is full of interesting people and places. They all are proud Austin is weird, and I can say it is. A lot of people with tattoos, a lot of pierced people, everywhere. Servers in restaurants, in fast food places, in your local supermarkets, in big ones too.


Austin is Diverse. I hadn’t seen all this variety in ethnicity yet in the US. Asian people, hispanic groups, women, girls, boys and old men, everyone seems to have a place for themselves in Austin.


Austin is Kind. Its people smile back at you when you do, guys nod at you when you do, streets are full of people who will keep a door open for you to pass before them, who notice when you need a little bit of help and they can provide it just by rushing a bit and it feels like you can pay them back with a bit of your own attention and kindness.


Austin is a good place for Driving. I’ve driven around quite a bit and the highways don’t feel bad – everyone seems to be reading what you’re doing. They probably are! And it is good. Not to say Georgia or Florida are bad, but Austin feels very nice.


Austin has great views. Walking around, catching a bus and going downtown is just a breeze. Going to the capitol, drinking something in one of the local places, eating some japanese food at Crazy Robot, it doesn’t get much better than that for those of us who can appreciate a good walk and a nice day outside.


Overall, I really recommend Austin for prolonged visits, for events, for making a living and working for life.


I like Austin.


Thank you for welcoming me.

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